Hi, I’m Sarath, a Ph.D. candidate in Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Southern California. My research advisor is Prof. Antonio Ortega.

I’m interested in graphs and machine learning. Currently, I focus on non-parametric, neighborhood algorithms for understanding data and deep learning models. Read about one research direction I’m currently pursuing here.

I’m in the job market for a postodoctoral/research position. Please send me an email if you think I’ll be a good fit - I would be happy to discuss my research and aspirations.

What’s New

[Sept 2022] I have been selected as a finalist for 2022-23 Ming-Hsieh Ph.D. Scholar program.

[Aug 2022] I will be interning at Google with counter-abuse technology and graph-mining team.

[May 2022] I will be presenting at Advances in Learning for Graphs, Manifolds, and Geometric Data, SIAM MDS22

[Jan 2022] Channel redundancy and overlap in CNNs with Channel-wise NNK graphs with David accepted at ICASSP 2022

[Oct 2021] Paper on arxiv: NNK-Means: Dictionary learning using Non-Negative Kernel Regression

[Sept 2021] Revisiting nearest neighbors from a signal approximation perspective will be presented at BayLearn 2021

[Aug 2021] Channel-Wise Early stopping without a validation set via NNK interpolation with David accpeted at APSIPA 2021

[July 2021] Model selection and explainability in neural networks using NNK accepted at Asilomar 2021


Prior to joining USC for my PhD, I worked as a software engineer for 2.5 years at KLA-Tencor’s Wafer Inspection Division on a defect classification software.

I obtained my Masters degree with specialization in computer vision and machine learning from USC. During my study, I had the opportunity to work as part of the computer vision research group at USC Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems where I was advised by Dr. Jongmoo Choi under the guidance of Prof. Gerard Medioni. I was also a part time software developer at Laboratory of Neurological Imaging where I worked on project Informatics Visualization in NeuroImaging (INVIZIAN) lead by Prof. John Van Horn.

I completed my Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication from National Institute of Technology - Tiruchrappalli, where I worked under the advise of Profs. Deivalakshmi and Palanisamy.